Sábado, 9 de Janeiro de 2010

The Country House

One of the projects I have in mind  is to go on with  the Country House regarding a Kit that I bought a few years ago, in the meantime other projects crossed my mind and I kept this one for another opportunity, now I would like to go on with it.


The first step was to take off some of the papers included with the Kit,  which were already glued on the walls. Now I´m going to replace them by others or simply paint the walls, I´m not sure yet.


In the meantime I found some tissues and ribbons from TILDA BASICS and I was in love with them  and I bought a few ones to be used in the project. It is the third time I buy tissues for this house......



       Aren´t they lovely?


These are the first photos I took when I started with the house, now I ´m thinking about a new decoration.



Kitchen and Dining Room in March 2008, in which concerns the  ground floor  for the moment I would like to change the furniture, and add a few more details.


But  as to the 1st floor I will start from the beginning. 

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