Segunda-feira, 25 de Janeiro de 2010

The Country House II

I´m trying to organize my ideas about the decoration, the most important decision now is if I shall  include the mezzanine or not. I think I would rather prefer not to put it, but I  remembered that with this feature I would profit with some more space to decorate, so  I´m trying to decide my self.  In the meantime I´ll show some more decorative pieces.


 This is one photo I took of the original House, I hope to change it a little bit.




I could´nt forget the bears, I´ve always liked teddy bears, and have a few, in this photo I show you 3 miniature bears "protected" by a large bear. The one on the middle  is hand made and was offered to me by Joana, and it is very lovely. In the background you may see some teddy bears on the revue of Biggie Best.




 Several  articles:  An oil painting on canvas with a country scene, a brasier, a few ducks and chicken in lead and hand painted, (I bought them at a brocante fair), cross-stich with frame, an antique lace.....



Around a basket with roses, you may see a cushion I did already with the tissue I´m going to use , a vase that I covered with the same  tissue using stiffy (a kind of glue that gives form to the tissues, ( I think have to make a better one)...., an wood antique doll, a crochet hat from Anabela and a Shaker box from Paulo Gomes 

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